"A Life Group is a place where I can love & grow with my family. It's shown me that many other people go through the same struggles as I do, and I don't have to go through trials alone. I can be real with them and share all the struggles I am going through while being there for other people.” ~Life Group Member


You Will Begin to “Feel” Like a Part of the Family
Most people who have experienced a Small Group will say that the greatest benefit is the close friendships that develop and continue to this day. You will never know that we are all “in the same boat” unless you interact with others who are struggling through the same frustrations and brokenness, and celebrating some of the same joys and life-stage monuments. There is no short-cut to “feeling” connected, and our Small Groups provide the best opportunity for all of us to be known, loved and celebrated

You Will Understand the Bible More Clearly
Have you ever listened to a sermon or Bible lesson and thought “what in the world are they talking about!?” Or have you ever wanted to ask questions about what you are reading and wonder how others interpret that same passage? Or maybe you just find the whole exercise boring? The best and most effective way to apply truth is to uncover it in group settings with real people who have real questions and who are honestly seeking answers like yourself. You’ll find that most people have sincere questions about the Bible and its meanings and applications. That’s why the Bible is a living document best unwrapped with others who can help impart definition, application, experience and personal journey to breathe life into it’s pages. That is anything but boring!

You Can Develop Your Leadership Skills
None of us are called to be Sunday morning spectators of The Faith. We all have something unique and gifted to share in a group setting. A Small Group utilizes many gifts often overlooked in a church like hospitality, wisdom, teaching, counsel and discernment as well as many more. A Small Group is a microcosm of how God intended the Church to be where we listen, learn, speak, care, pray and support one another.

You Will Have a Natural Way to Share Your Life With Christ to Others Who May Not Know Him
A lot of our friends, co-workers and associates wouldn’t be caught dead in a church…at least not right away. But almost everyone is open to an invitation to be known and cared for in a genuine and authentic environment of heartfelt support. Even those of us who have journeyed for years with Christ need a safe place to unload our doubts, fears and scars from the path. A Small Group is a win for everyone who partakes.


We welcome you to join one of our Adult Life Groups at New Hope. Our active life groups are: Couples & Married, Women On The Path, and The Men Of Valor. If you are not in a small group, we believe you are missing out on much of what God has in store for you. Join a Life Group today!